115 * 1 * 22 cutting disc for cold pressing process need to pay attention to?
With the development of technology and the improvement of production technology, the cutting blades that used to rely mainly on imports have been greatly developed, especially the 115*1*22 cutting disc and the T41 green cutting disc size industry. With the maturity of technology and the improvement of technology, The production of cutting blades is no longer a problem. Today we will lead us to know the cold pressing process in the production process of the cutting piece.
Most of the original production is ceramic grinding wheels. The advantages of ceramic bond grinding wheels are their natural porosity and chemical stability, which makes them suitable for dry and wet grinding, especially in the case of water-based and oil-based grinding fluids. However, the ceramic grinding wheel is less elastic and requires a high sintering temperature, which limits its development. The phenolic resin bond grinding wheel has the advantages of good elasticity and low sensitivity to shock, impact and side pressure. Its high stability makes it suitable for higher speeds and improved grinding performance, making it particularly suitable for grinding wheels and Huaji cutting wheels. Its good elasticity makes it suitable for ultra-precise grinding and surface finishing.

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