The 115*1*22 cutting disc surface of the cutting piece is mostly composed of a combination of flat surface and inclined surface, so the grinding is performed by circumferential grinding or end grinding. In order to improve the grinding efficiency, it is also possible to use a plurality of forming grinding wheels and an auxiliary grinding head to achieve form grinding, and to use a combined forming grinding wheel to grind the rail surface at a time. Obviously, multi-grinding wheel grinding and combined forming wheel grinding have high grinding efficiency, but the structure of the grinding head is complex and suitable for mass production.
It must be pointed out that when the plane of the guide rail is coarsely ground by the end grinding method, the axis of the grinding wheel can be inclined by 3° to 5° to reduce the contact area between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, and to improve the heat dissipation condition. In order to ensure the cutting precision, the diameter of the grinding wheel should not be too small, generally 1.3-1.5 times the width of the guide surface. When grinding on both sides, the two grinding wheels cannot be adjusted to a parallel position.

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