In terms of 4.5 inches grinding disc binder, it is mainly phenolic resin:
A. Resin quality stability problems, especially the level of free phenol in the resin. Excessive free phenol content will accelerate the cracking of the resin after heating and hardening of the resin diamond disc, affecting the strength of the grinding disc;
B. Mixing uniformity of resin powder and urotropine, urotropine as a hardener of resin, insufficient addition of urotropine, incomplete hardening of resin, affecting the strength and hardness of the grinding disc; excessive content, excessive amount Urotropine is not combined with resin, and decomposes and volatilizes during the hardening process, which increases the pores of 4.5 inches resin grinding disc and reduces its strength and hardness.
C. The binder particle size is too thick or too fine.
It is generally believed that the particle size of the binder is fine, which is advantageous for uniform distribution of the binder. If the particle size is too coarse, the molding material is not easily mixed uniformly, which affects the hardness and strength of 4.5 inches grinding disc.

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