Adidas X Black UK Thames Valley police said they were treating the incident as “an assault”, after it was understood the alleged offender was identified by stewards in a picture passed to force.

Magista Onda black uk Brunt, who has been at the Baggies for nine years, said on Saturday: “There’s absolutely no excuse for what’s gone on and I hope whoever has decided it’s okay to throw coins at his own team has a good look at themselves.

Mercurial CR7 Gold UK Amd Baggies boss Pulis added: “It is just barbaric. I hope the police get involved – I think they have to. I don’t think you can allow that to go by. It’s criminal.”

magista obra purple uk “The cut is not too far away from his eye – just under. It’s an inch away from striking him in his eye. If that happens, then we’re talking about a very, very serious problem.”

ace 15.1 UK An FA statement read: “We strongly condemn any such behaviour and will work with both clubs and the authorities to identify those responsible.”

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