In the grinding operation of fly ash ultrafine mill, due to the certain error of manual feeding method, it is impossible to ensure uniform uniformity of feed to fly ash ultrafine mill, which is easy to cause ultrafine fly ash. The material in the grinding chamber of the mill main machine is blocked by material accumulation or idling. The electromagnetic vibration feeding device can replace the manual automatic feeding of the fly ash ultra-fine grinding machine, which can realize continuous and uniform feeding, effectively avoiding various disadvantages of manual feeding, and has small power and stable operation. Easy to maintain and so on. Here, we focus on the adjustment method of the automatic feeder of the fly ash ultrafine mill.
When the fly ash ultra-fine mill is used for grinding and milling, the automatic feeding automation is realized by the main motor and current. When the fan of the fly ash ultrafine mill is in normal operation, if the host current exceeds the rated current, the feed will be automatically stopped, and the current will be automatically fed after the current drops to the specified range. It can be said that this feeding mode is mainly to disconnect and connect the control voltage of the thyristor through the action of the current relay to achieve automatic feeding.
In the operation of the fly ash ultrafine mill, when the automatic feeding starts, the main switch of the control cabinet should be turned to the automatic position, and the potentiometer R1 knob on the control cabinet should be gradually increased to reach the rated value. Within the range and remain stable. At the same time, it is necessary to adjust the current relay sliding wall according to the rated current of the host to change the operating current of the relay. When it rises, the normally closed contact will be disconnected, and the current will be closed immediately when the current is slightly decreased, so that the fly ash ultrafine grinding machine is always good. Working condition will not cause empty grinding or overload phenomenon, which ensures the benefit of fly ash ultrafine grinding mechanism powder.
In addition, in the case of a fan failure, the automatic feeding device of the fly ash ultrafine mill will also stop feeding. There are 2 coils in the DDL-12/6 overcurrent relay. When connected in series, the operating current can be adjusted from 1.5-3 amps.

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