Details Basalt

Basalt is a mafic rocks ejected . Component corresponds to gabbro . Gray and black . Often with vesicular , almond-shaped structure and porphyritic texture . Phenocrysts of olivine , pyroxene , feldspar and other groups ; matrix is generally fine or Aphanitic . Different secondary minerals , can be divided into olivine basalt , hypersthene basalt ; constructed according to the structure can be divided into vesicular basalt, almond -shaped basalt ; according to chemical composition and mineral content can be divided into high-alumina basalt, Cement Production Line alkaline basalts and tholeiitic basalt .

Because of basaltic magma viscosity, mobility, the surface is easy to form large-scale effusive lava flows and lava , but there was layered intrusions , such as the rock bed. In the highland areas often form an area of ​​several thousand to hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of lava plateau , was called basalt plateau , such as India’s Deccan basalt . Constitute the ocean ridge and the volcanic island . Relating to mineral copper, cobalt, sulfur, calcite , gemstones , which itself can be acid- cast stone materials.

Basalt columnar joints – in basalt lava flows , the vertical condensation surface often develops into a hexagonal columnar jointed rules. Cause , generally considered , assuming a uniform distribution of cooling centers in uniform mafic lava in ( equilateral triangular distribution , cooling center distance equal to each other ) , and then to the center of each contraction , sand making machine the formation of hexagonal columnar joints .

About marbles

Belongs to a metamorphic rock . Also known as marble. Is formed by metamorphism or contact metamorphism of carbonate rocks by region . Composed mainly of calcite and dolomite , also containing wollastonite, talc , tremolite , diopside , plagioclase , quartz, periclase and so on. With granoblastic structure , massive ( sometimes banded ) structure . Because the original rock is different, can form different types of marble, such as calcium and magnesium carbonates after pure calcite can form metamorphic marble, dolomite marble ; later metamorphic siliceous limestone can form quartz marble, wollastonite marble ; carbonaceous limestone, graphite can be formed after the metamorphic marble and so on.

Also based on texture and structure , color further divided , such as white marble, gray marble, pink marble , fine marble, coarse-grained marble, banded marble and so on. Typically the majority of white and gray marble . Among them, homogeneous, fine-grained , white person , also known as the white marble . Generally, marble can be formed in different temperature and pressure conditions, such as tremolite marble formed in low – temperature conditions , diopside marble, marble forsterite is formed at high temperature metamorphic conditions . Marble widely distributed , such as China ‘s Yunnan, Shandong , Beijing and other places were produced Fangshan marble . Many non-ferrous metals , precious metals, precious metals and non-metallic minerals , the causes are related with marble . Which itself is an excellent raw materials and arts and crafts . Marble hardness is not easy mining and processing , plate after finishing a very beautiful , can be used for indoor decoration materials ; mining and processing of waste, can be made by crushing crafts or for the production of terrazzo, stone, water quality brush aggregate . Cement Production Line Art available for a small number of highly dense and homogeneous decorative carvings .

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