The cutting piece is an important factor in the grinding action of the grinding tool. The selection of the cutting disc for stainless steel is mainly determined according to the nature of the workpiece material, such as hardness, tensile strength, and toughness. The basic principle of selecting the abrasive cutting piece is: high grinding hardness When the workpiece material is used, the cutting piece with higher hardness should be selected; when grinding the workpiece material with high tensile strength, the toughness cutting piece should be selected; when grinding the material with low tensile strength, it should be brittle or high strength. Silicon carbide cutting sheet.
Specifically, brown corundum is suitable for grinding carbon steel, cast iron alloy steel, hard bronze, etc.; white corundum is suitable for grinding hardened steel, alloy steel, high-speed steel, tool steel, etc.; black silicon carbide is suitable for grinding non-ferrous metals, rubber, leather, Plastics, etc.; Green silicon carbide is suitable for grinding hard alloys, optical glass, ceramic materials, etc.; SG, CBN ceramic abrasives are widely used in difficult-to-wear materials.
In addition, in order to give full play to the advantages of various cutting sheets in grinding, hybrid cutting sheets have been widely used in the manufacture of abrasive tools to improve the grinding efficiency of the grinding tools. For example, when grinding ductile iron, A/WA mixed cutting piece is generally used; brown and white corundum two kinds of mixed cutting pieces have the characteristics of high toughness of brown corundum during grinding, and also play a certain brittleness and thermal conductivity of white corundum. Better features. (For example, the crankshaft low price disc for metal is mostly brown and white mixed, the particle size is 60#~80#, and the hardness is soft 2 to medium 1) (rough grinding cobalt-based alloy gear tooth cutting piece, which can be mixed with single crystal and crystallite) Grinding aluminum high-speed steel cutting piece, using brown corundum, green silicon carbide mixed) (grinding spherical bearing inner casing ring cutting piece, should be brown and white mixed, representative specifications are: GZ/GB80# P600×36×305 is coarse grinding Road. GZ/GB80#P600×510×355.6 is the final grinding outer diameter and so on.

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