For calcium carbonate processing, SBM heavy machine has accumulated rich experience in milling, grinding machine processing technology is mature, after-sales service system is perfect, can provide more scientific and reasonable milling equipment and selection configuration according to different milling requirements The customer processed 400 mesh calcium carbonate powder using SBM heavy machine calcium carbonate ultra-fine vertical roller mill grinding machine, while improving production capacity, it also realized energy-saving and environmentally friendly production, and the price setting of the ultra-fine vertical roller mill was combined. The actual needs of the customer are tailored to meet the actual processing needs.
Calcium carbonate molecular formula CaCO3, commonly known as limestone, limestone, stone powder, etc., is an inorganic compound. It is neutral, almost insoluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, and decomposed by acid. Calcium carbonate can be classified into heavy calcium carbonate, light calcium carbonate, colloidal calcium carbonate, and crystalline calcium carbonate depending on the production method. Calcium carbonate burns to a burnt black color, releasing carbon dioxide and generating calcium oxide. Calcium carbonate is used as a filler for industrial leather, wire, PVC, paint, ink, etc. It can also be used in toothpaste and medicine; it can also be used as a chemical raw material for thermal insulation materials; it can also be used as a stomach and duodenal ulcer. Acid etc. Processing calcium carbonate powder, SBM heavy machine program has rich experience in production. For 400 mesh calcium carbonate powder, we choose SBM heavy machine vertical roller mill to increase production capacity, reduce energy consumption and achieve greater market value. The ideal mill choice for calcium processing. For more questions about calcium carbonate grinding equipment, please click on the online consultation or call our hotline!

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