The material source of Tonglu Zhejiang quarry is of medium hardness, and the processing of sand and gravel aggregate is mainly used for concrete mixing station. Due to the material maximum particle diameter is 800mm around, according to the material characteristics, favorite mill to customers with a mechanism of sand production line including feeder, jaw crusher, counterattack type crusher, sand making machine, vibration sieve, centralized control and belt machine etc.. By using the technology of three grade crushing and plastic, it can make the grain size of sand and gravel aggregate, the content of the needle is small, the sand gradation is reasonable, and the long service life of the wearing parts.
The large rocks are crushed and crushed by jaw crusher and impact crusher, which is fed into the sand making machine and plastic. The gravel material for producing artificial sand is 5-40mm. By means of sand blasting machine for the first time crushing, crushing material by screening, the particle size is greater than 3-5mm, the particle size is 3mm3 and the particle size is smaller than 5mm. Which is greater than the 5mm particles transported back to the raw material warehouse, 3-5mm particles for two broken, and less than two times after the 3mm particles mixed into a qualified artificial sand. At the same time, sand making machine in the discharge port is connected and provided with a vacuum cleaner, in ensuring the small dust absorbing part of the artificial sand powder, to regulate the limestone powder content of the artificial sand.
Zhengzhou zoonye mining machine as the leading domestic mining machinery crusher, sand making machine manufacturer, for domestic and foreign many quarries provide the qualified equipment. The final of the perfection of the mechanism of sand production line is of extraordinary significance to the Italian mill and Zhejiang area customers, the production line is favorite mining machine and a full set of sand blasting equipment in Zhejiang Province the benchmark model project, it will lead Zhejiang area of stone crushing enterprises to more standardized, more environmentally friendly direction.

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