Apparatus of the general type to which this invention relates is disclosed in Patent No. 3,073,536 issued to John N. Quinn on Jan. 15, 1963. The apparatus of that patentcomprises, in general, a crushing plant having primary and secondary crushers, vibratory screens for segregating materials of various sizes as they are processed through the plant,what is manufactured sand, and conveyor means for transferring materials from one part of the apparatus to another, .the apparatus being so arranged that it. can be mounted on a trailer bed without exceeding legal size limits for highway travel.

While the apparatus of the above mentioned Quinn patent had many advantages over previous portable crushing plants, and proved very satisfactory in use, it lacked certain features that were found to be very desirable in many cases;crushing plant for sale, and it is thus the general object of the present invention to provide a portable crushing plant which has these other features as well as having all of the features of the crushing apparatus of the Quinn patent.

More specifically, it is the general object of the present invention to provide a two-stage portable crushing plant which can be mounted on a pair of vehicle chassis that cooperate to provide an elongated fore-and-aft extending frame, and which apparatus is so arranged that material to be processed is loaded into the plant at the rear end thereof and finished material is discharged at its front end, at an elevation above the level of the frame, to facilitate loading the finished material directly into dump trucks or the like.

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