Does high quality cutting disc comply with green development?
Under the policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, some enterprises have indeed regarded ��energy saving�� and ��polluting pollution�� as major developments in the face of environmental pollution problems. For example, some high-quality cutting disc for sale generate air dust pollution and industrial wastewater in the production process. It has brought pollution and damage to the environment. With the advocacy of national energy conservation and emission reduction tasks, manufacturers of high quality cutting disc for sale Aurora abrasives in line with the development of green.
However, judging from the national policy situation in 2017, with the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the ��environmental protection road�� of SMEs will be relatively long. Especially from the environmental information in the second half of the year, the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies for coated abrasives and ordinary abrasive tools will inevitably become more specific in 2018. “Several joys and a few worries” will be more vivid in the upcoming new year.
In the face of crisis, Henan Aurora Abrasives has made great efforts to take the lead in energy conservation and environmental protection, seeking clean energy use and improvement of clean production technology, preparing for the next round of development, when the “peak turn”, it is inevitable Has a very large market demand.
The ��ecological civilization�� proposed by the state is actually advocating various industries to find and develop the huge ��green demand�� of the market. If the abrasives industry enterprises increase their independent innovation and ��green�� the products as soon as possible, the market prospects are very optimistic.

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