The application of high quality PET non woven geotextile is very extensive. Today, we mainly talk about the function of improving the roads.

The high quality PET non woven geotextile function is:
Geotextiles are used for the isolation and reinforcement of embankments and subgrades;
The high quality plastic PP tensar biaxial geogrid for reinforcement of embankments and subgrades;
Geogrids are used for lateral reinforcement inside the embankment.

The latest development in this area is the addition of continuous fibers during the construction of the subgrade. Similarly, microgrids can also be used in paving. Indoor and field trials have been conducted in this area. To date, the greatest success has been the application of dispersed fibers (typically polypropylene) to gravel roadbeds.

The future development is to use geotechnical bricks to make holes in the roadbed. In the method, the wick drainage is first set in the hole, the needle-punched nonwoven fabric is laid on the wick drain and then backfilled with the fiber reinforced soil. This method is very promising and needs to be tested on site.

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