The coil spring suspension system of your vehicle has the main function of providing a smooth ride and maintaining full control on the vehicle, especially when driving through rough terrains or in case of sudden stops. It is what isolates the passenger from the negative effects of impacts and vibrations during travel. As a result; maximum ride quality, handling, and control are achieved. The suspension assembly is composed of various components that work in perfect concert with each other and one of them is the coil spring. This is also called as the helical spring. This is actually a coiled torsion bar designed to store energy and subsequently release it, to dampen shock, or to maintain the force between mating surfaces. This is usually made of elastic materials molded into the shape of a helix which returns to its original length when unloaded.

The coil spring compresses when the wheels hit bumps or potholes or when the vehicle is put into a sudden stop and it rebounds as the load is released. There two basic types of coils springs: the tension coil springs that are designed to resist stretching and the compression coil spring that is design to resist being compressed. Most coil springs are wound in an annealed condition and then tampered in order to be rigid and be effective as a spring. It works along with the shock absorber by which it keeps the spring from rebounding too quickly.

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