a. Check the connection of null lines of power supply, tighten all wire ends sicoma twin shaft mixer, no looseness, no charged conductor exposed.

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b. Check the gearing, keep the main bolts of mixing gearing(supporting bolt, bolt for arm and blade, lining plate bolt, bolt for arm and shaft, etc. ) tight .

c. Check the mixing drum, if has foreign body, please clear it to prevent blocking

d. Check the lubrication parts, reduction gearbox, open gear , shaft end seal should have enough lubricating oil

e. Check the water, keep the water clean.

f. After checking all of the above terms , if it is ok, please start the machine without loads, check if the direction of rotation of the mixing shaft is right, if it is not right, please correct the position of the connecting wire.

g. Before using, check if the motor pump with high concentrations of oil has lubrication oil. Start up oil pump, supply high concentration oil to the sealing point of the shaft ends until oil overflows between mixing shaft and cracks of the inner wall of mixing shaft.

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