Although each Scramble Squares® puzzle has only nine squares, they are perhaps the World’s Most Challenging Puzzle! That’s why we say they’re Easy to Play, But Hard to Solve®.


You have solved a Scramble Squares® puzzle when the all the images on each of the nine squares form a matching pattern with every surrounding square. There is only ONE correct solution among thousands of possible square rotations and board positions.

As you play, the app keeps track of:

  • Number of moves made
  • Number of hints used

    • Every hint used deducts points from your points total
  • Playing time (only tracked while actively playing an individual puzzle)

    • The maximum amount of point-accruing play time for any individual puzzle is 10 hours, after which your score on that puzzle will drop to zero
  • Progress indicator
  • Number of points (displayed in-app and the Apple Game Center )

The Apple Game Center

Connect to Apple Game Center and your points will be displayed in the leader board. Every time you play you earn points, based on:

  • Number of moves
  • Hints used
  • Length of time it takes to solve
  • Use of the progress bar (using it deducts points)

Regular Puzzle Play

  • Scramble Squares® pieces can be rotated in any direction as well as moved to any location on the puzzle board
  • In both the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch versions you move places on the puzzle board by touching a square then dragging and dropping to where you want it to be positioned
    • On the iPad, rotate squares in any direction by touching and moving with two fingers OR by tapping a square, which will move the square one-quarter rotation clockwise
    • On the iPhone/iPod Touch, rotate a desired square by tapping


  • You can play the the 5-MINUTE CHALLENGE® as many times as you want, but if you leave the 5-MINUTE CHALLENGE® at any time before the five-minutes is up, you cannot save your results to resume play later and you will have to start again from the beginning the next time you chose to play.