The application of ball press machine is very extensive, pressure groups, on the following materials for granulating or pressure, such as aluminum, activated carbon, alumina, bauxite, caustic soda, coke crumbs, coal, charcoal, clay, cryolite, fertilizer, plastic, limestone, pigment, urea, potassium salt…And so on.Its aim is to reduce dust, the control unit weight, return to use, improve the transportation characteristics. Capacity design is mainly used in powder to suppress conversion method in the process of smelting magnesium jiang pellets. But we also need to pay attention to radiating for dry powder ball pressing machine. And do you know how and why?

Each shall, first of all, to unit pressure ball machine after the installation commissioning, so can reduce the burden of the whole system debugging.Pelco ball machine with RJ45 interface used for monomer debugging. Through the RJ45 interface connects the ball machine and debugging tool kit, can debug ball machine output image, such as tensile yuntai rotation, lens. Menu may also enter ball machine, further to do initial setup. Due to the constant torque of the electromagnetic variable-speed motor of 500type dry powder ball pressing machine, when the pressing amount of the spiral feeder machine is the same with the needed material amount by the main engine, stable material supplying pressure can be ensured to stabilize the quality of the pellet. If the material supplying amount is high, the electricity of the feeder machine will be overload; if the material supplying amount is low, the materials will not be able to be pressed to pellet. For this reason, skillful operation technique is an important condition to ensure the normal work of ball press machine.

Dry powder ball press machine cooling problems at work also must be considered. Part of the brand on the market no outdoor type ball mill, thus cannot be directly applied to outdoor, must add outdoor fittings such as shield. Pelco outdoor type ball mill its standard contains a sun shade, heater, and dual cooling fans and other elements, to adapt to the outdoor poor or extreme temperature environment.

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