According to mixing principle, commonly used concrete mixer can be classified into self-falling concrete mixer and compulsory concrete mixer.Self falling concrete mixer:Structure of self falling concrete mixer: the mixing drum of self falling concrete mixer is placed according to the principle of vertical mixing.

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With the rotation of mixing drum, the concrete mixture is turned and mixed in the mixing drum through free falling, which can realize the aim of mixing. Self falling concrete mixer is mainly used to mix plastic concrete and low fluidity concrete. The barrel and mixing blades wear less and are easy to clean, but they consume more power and have low efficiency. Generally, the mixing time of self falling concrete mixer is 90-120s/dish. Because the self falling concrete mixer has great abrasion to concrete aggregate and can affect the quality of concrete, it is gradually replaced by compulsory concrete mixer day by day.Compulsory concrete mixer:Structure of compulsory concrete mixer: there are several groups of mixing blades in the mixing drum and mixing blades rotate around vertical shaft and horizontal shaft to mix materials compulsorily until the materials are mixed evenly. This kind of concrete mixer has strong mixing effect, which is suitable for mixing dry hard concrete and light aggregate concrete, and also it can be used to mix low fluidity concrete. Compulsory concrete mixer has advantages of good mixing quality, quick mixing speed, safe and simple operation, etc.

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However, the machine parts wear quickly and compulsory concrete mixer is often used the high strength alloy steel or other wear resistance materials as lining, which is mainly applied to concrete batching plant or precast factories. provides the concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, concrete pump, concrete mixer pump, concrete mixer truck, block making machine, fully automatic block production line and so on, we supply equipment installation, debugging, training, technical guidance, foundation drawing and best after-sales service.

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