An important means of II process optimization measures 1, optimizing the nozzle ring cover Vertical roller mill to adjust the size and location of the nozzle cover ring is a Vertical roller mill production process, covers the location and reasonable laying area, can greatly improve the mill production The working conditions and reduce the wear of the roller member. Shuangfeng Conch in the pre-production stage, have been exploring adjusted gradually stabilizing material into the vertical roller mill, with the transformation of cutting point, so Vertical roller mill cloth, material thickness to maintain the preferred situation, effectively improve the mill production time, now relatively stable at 450t / h-480t / h. While stabilizing the material layer also reduces the roller and the disc friction due to the uneven material fluctuations rolling phenomenon, doublet Vertical roller mill running more than a year, the roller wear leather MAX: 7mm, disc wear MAX: 13mm. 2, Vertical roller mill slag discharge cycle means increased iron ferrous raw materials due to the Shuangfeng Conch ingredient is used in steel slag, slag material within the crystalline iron are more and more wrapped in the material, the original process design in addition to iron equipment is difficult to remove, iron slag grinding cycle can easily result in: a, wear body parts wear and tear; b, Vertical roller mill Taiwanese low (iron slag circulation in the mill), the main motor current high; c, mill operation cycle is short, you must 3-4 days efflux Scum, raw material waste, pollution of the environment; d, production and security risks. According to the actual situation in the Vertical roller mill slag discharge cycle (1307 into the grinding belt head) increasing a magnetic iron iron slag process, which adds a iron removal unit. After installation, Vertical roller mill Scum efflux never before, grind the body parts wear declined, while the Vertical roller mill production to Taiwan increased significantly, the main motor current drops from the original to an average of more than 400A 340A or less. Third, from the management measures to be effective a rational organization of production, effective use of peak electric power system based on local TOU billing departments to develop the regulations, reasonable organization of production, to maintain high and stable yield mill in the homogenization silo Level higher status, averting timely production. Vertical roller mill overhaul cycle all the arrangements in time for peak power, effectively reducing the cost of electricity. 2, serious and timely plugging the system checks the system for leakage and wear point of the system in a timely manner plugging and repair. Such as: the 1604 ESP duct rupture seam welding, zipper machine flange connections and duct expansion joint leakage clogged sinks bellows leakage leaking point processing. 1618 Main motor current decreased about 15-20A. 3, optimization of process parameters, strengthen the production process energy saving management system with the seasons and the incoming raw material particle size, changes in humidity, the control of operating parameters also do the appropriate adjustments, operating three shifts staff unity of thought, do technology AC, Vertical roller mill indicators of parameters to be holistic, comprehensive adjustment.

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