Need pulverized material pulverized particle size required is to determine product quality standards, Raymond size can be changed by adjusting the product. But before adjusting the hardness we must first understand the material to be ground next is how much, so as to adjust according to raymond mill boring situation, convenient products. Here to introduce the next table on material hardness:
Quartz Mohs hardness of 7.0; feldspar 7; 3 calcite; talc 1; barite 3-3.5; fluorite 4; marble 3-4; ceramics 6-7; 1-3 bauxite; dolomite 3-4 ; granite 8.46; garnet 6.5-7.5; bituminous 6; coking coal 2-2.5; 2-2.5 lignite; magnesite sand 3-5; oxide green envelope 9; GOLD 6.7-8.2; kaolin 3-5; blue Spar 4-6; fluorspar 4; bentonite less than 7; muddy green rock 6; purple rock 6.5-6.9; basalt 6-6.5; graphite 1-2; talc 1; 4 fluorite; feldspar 6-6.5; quartz 7 ; Gong Mine 4.
Raymond mill equipment as commonly used for the preparation of various ore in. It works by great bulk materials by jaw crusher to the desired size after the material sent by the hoisting machine hopper, and then continuously fed for grinding by the grinding indoor electromagnetic uniform quantitative feeder, powder After grinding the powder was taken away by the fan airflow. The analysis machine grading, in line with the fineness of the powder with the air through pipes into a large cyclone collector, were separated and collected, and then the powder discharge pipe is finished powder. Stream again by a large cyclone collector upper return duct suction blower. The whole machine is closed loop gas flow system, and is in a state of negative pressure circulating.

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