Hi, i’d like to manufacture diamond saw blades to cut and polish granite stones, as we have huge demands for those here. But, i dono how to make such one, some say its resin bonded and some say it is electroplated. I’m in a huge confusion and no use getting answers from google. Is there any institute or industrial coaching centers anywhere around this world, to learn the process. Your answers are highly respected….

Most of the time rock-breaking companies just purchase diamond blades from wholesale manufacturers. Diamond saw blades are very carefully engineered pieces of equipment and really aren’t something you want to make yourself unless you have an extensive background in them and are willing to invest a large amount of capital necessary to make good-quality blades.

Help me find this diamond blade!

I’m looking for a certian diamond blade for cutting ceramics. I don’t know the brand or make, but I do know that it has a 4.25in diameter, 5/8in arbor, is about .012in thick, probably once held a label, and on the edge has an area of little ridges, the eare has a thickness of about .05in. You probably won’t get it but it’s worth a shot.


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