High efficiency cement mill is mainly used in grinding raw materials and final products in cement plant. And it is also suitable for grinding various ores and other materials in metallurgy, chemical, and power industry, etc. In Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., this machine has increased the productivity greatly, and the specific surface area is large, it is a new energy-saving grinding equipment, which has realized high capacity and super fine. Compared to internationally stipulated ball mill with same specifications, under the other situation of the same parameters, the output per machine hour has increased by 20%, and the power consumption per unit product has decreased by 10-15%. For open-circuit grinding, the specific surface area of cement can reach above 320㎡/kg.

Cement mill by electric machinery, inevitably there are a variety of transmission loss, reduce the loss is the main goal of equipment management, first in the cement mill equipment installation to strictly regulate the work, can not be changed and some other installation error. In order to avoid the cement mill barrel vibration caused by the loss of energy, at the same time should maintain good lubrication, reduce friction loss. Should make the lubrication oil cleaning, sufficient oil amount, open circuit cement mill system, ensure the rotating part has good lubrication.

Cement equipment is usually used lubricating sliding bearing, shaft and bearing contact angle 75 degrees generally 90 degree, friction torque is larger, now small contact angle ( 30 degrees 40 degrees), large side gap type scraping has been successfully applied to production practice, we have known for many of the large cement mill are used above a new way to reduce power consumption, the role of the more obvious, its principle is to reduce the friction torque, rather than 2.4m following a small cement mill can also use of rolling bearing instead of sliding bearing, due to significantly reduce the friction resistance of cement miller and reduce energy consumption, use of rolling bearing instead of sliding bearing used in small and medium sized cement mill, its technology has matured.

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