Sand dryer(sand drying equipment) also can be called quartz sand drying machine, river sand dryer or sand rotary dryer. Sand dryer is mainly applied to dry river sand, dry-mixed mortar, yellow sand, cement clinker, clay, coal gangue, mixtures, coal ash, gypsum, iron powder and other raw materials, widely used in building materials,chemical industry,casting industry and other industries.

Sand dryer is equipped with lifting board on the cylinder wall, and the lifting board plays the role of lifting and falling down materials, increasing the contact surface between material and air flow, so as to improve the drying rate. Heat medium is generally pided into hot air, flue gas and others. Rotary sand dryer machine processing methods are generally common faults as the user can deal with, but for some uncommon fault, no experienced people to deal with the sand dryer will not start, as the sand dryer machine professional equipment manufacturers, to introduce the following simple analysis and solutions for the next two sand dryer machine failure.

Leakage failure treatment Sand dryer machine supporting removal equipment appears: encounter this problem, you should take the secondary dedusting solutions that take the first stage homemade cyclone dust abrasion, the second stage is to use the original SHWB dust type 17m2 ESP a housing transformation of 15m2 corrosion esp. On one hand, the internal electric field lines of stainless steel and aluminum anode cathode plate structure, steel structure for the electric field of high-temperature paint rust taken to improve its corrosion resistance ; hand on top of the electrostatic precipitator using 100mm Rockwool insulation, to reduce electric precipitator top condensation ; against electrostatic precipitator ash bucket with double flap valve replacement at the next round of feeder cells, in order to reduce air leakage hopper . While the ventilation pipe elbow casting wear layer.

Approach Rotary sand dryer machineinspection door cracking and deformation faults: Check sand dryer door once cracking or deformation can not be locked, a good approach is a new type of self- inspection door, using 4mm thick ordinary steel production, check the door for the contact surface with the flame welding riveting firmware, and water resistance castable steel casting to prevent direct flame baked.

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