At present, the mainstream of the market are co2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine. Among them, the co2 laser cutting machine has strong cutting ability, wide range, high price and relatively high running cost. Although the YAG laser cutting machine has low price, it has small cutting ability, low efficiency and low productivity. The fiber laser cutting machine is popular in the market today. Optical components, then how do users choose the laser cutting machine that works best for them?
First, figure out your basic needs: the main cutting material, the cutting thickness range of each metal material, the accuracy requirements, and the basic daily capacity requirements.
Second, the procurement optical lens manufacturer/supplier component power of the fiber laser cutting machine is selected. According to the material and thickness to be cut, the effects of different brands of optical components may be different, but the ability to cut the thickness is basically different, first select the optical component power. . In particular, if you have high-reflective metal cutting (such as aluminum, brass, copper, gold, silver, etc.), it is important to understand whether the optical components are suitable for cutting high-reflective materials. The Dahan laser cutting machine is equipped with imported optical high precision custom optical prism, which can continuously cut high-reflection materials without affecting the optical components themselves.
Third, the fixed plane: cut the web, choose enough size, not the bigger the better. The larger the format, the higher the relative price, and the slower the equipment will be affected.
Fourth, the impact of accuracy
1. The bed body is measured by high-precision measuring equipment such as marble ruler and laser interferometer to ensure accuracy;
2. The bed body adopts high temperature annealing and aging annealing, which has good stability, and has real-time feedback automatic adjustment accuracy during operation, and long-term operation will not affect equipment accuracy;
3. The guide rail gear rack servo motor adopts the German configuration, and the precision can reach 1 arc.
4. Follow-up focusing cutting head: The laser beam is tapered, and the focusing cutting head can keep the cutting surface at the positive focal lengthhigh precision large size Beamsplitters&Polarizers.
Fifth, speed impact:
1. Imported fiber optic components have good cutting performance;
2. The software is intelligent, which directly affects the processing efficiency and cutting speed;
3, the use of rail gear rack and pinion double servo motor and other German configuration, running speed.

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