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Because one bellows, that three eye the old demon bring a ground of green dress woman direct dividend black crab to be fierce to a slender claw son of monster to grasp ground, if say fierce monster ground of black crab, two huge pincerses contain bulky few riceses, that this slender claw son’s also hasing almost a half rice is thick. As for the lengths all have ten few rices to grow.

Three eye once the old demon complexion change, but he didn’t go and this fierce the monster fight and on the contrary and sooner sneak in toward the bottom of sea. This time, it Be not worth fighting for an under charge and being fierce to monster Marc Jacobs Pung fighting, much less three eye old demon also having no enough of real strenght with this being fierce to monster.

Peng water spends four to splash, black Long Yan Mo is also a head of firm go into water in, return very much later on dynasty the bottom of sea visit to go, he after death of the crab fierce the monster eldest brother is also making track for. Just the Marc Jacobs daisy blood only melts the black dragon Marc Jacobs of body, speed quick many.

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