I often emphasize to you all about the precautions when starting the Raymond Mill. Are there any precautions you should know about downtime? If you ignore some small details when shutting down, a little carelessness will affect our normal use for the next time. Today we will talk about the raymond mill shutdown notices that should be kept in mind.
1. It is forbidden to stop the lubrication and water cooling system before the temperature of the Raymond Mill main body and the main bearing has not dropped to room temperature.
2. After the Raymond Mill has stopped moving, it should be immediately connected to the high-pressure floatation device to prevent damage to the bearing alloy and hollow journal due to cooling and contraction of the grinding body until the grinding body is cooled to normal temperature (ambient temperature).
3. When the auxiliary drive is used to move the mill, the inlet opening of the mill exhaust fan is closed to 20%, and the hot air main valve is fully closed.
4. After the main and auxiliary engines of the system are parked, the valves should be closed and the recorder switch should be turned off.
5. The exhaust gas treatment system shall adjust the system pressure according to whether the rotary kiln system stops the material after the grinding is stopped (such as the valve of the humidifying tower and the size of the relay fan opening).
I hope that everyone will be able to strictly meet themselves when they open the Raymond Mill, operate the mill, or stop. Turn the machine on and off according to the correct method. Do not ignore some details of the operation and avoid affecting the normal operation of the mill. Go for some unnecessary trouble.

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