For the time being, please avoid authenticating with Apple Game Center when you first install and launch Scramble Squares®. There is an apparent authentication issue that was not present in the previous version of the iOS and it is causing an endless loop when you try to register Scramble Squares® with Apple Game Center.

If it’s already too late, no worries, there’s an easy way to reset the app. Just uninstall it from your iDevice then connect it back to your computer and reinstall it. In iTunes, choose your device, then go to the apps tab and make sure the check box for Scramble Squares® is selected again (when you delete an app and sync, iTunes will think you don’t want the app on the device unless you instruct it otherwise).

We’re working on a fix and will let you know as soon as an update is ready. This problem will not effect any Scramble Squares® game play or purchases. We apologize for any hassles. Thanks for playing Scramble Squares®!

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