In February 4th, 2013, SBM Machinery Company, the professional crushingmachine manufacture, held 2012 annual symposium at the Four Seasons Hotel.The brilliant, innovative and beautiful performance in annual symposium broughta visual feast to the present leaders, guests and audience.
Yang, presidentof the company made a speech to sum up the past and look to the future as wellas wishing the whole company to continue to grow and make progress in work andin life!
Annual symposium started with a Crystal Drum performance portable crusher plant, thepassionate performances win the hot applause, firstly bringing the atmosphere toa climax. The Grateful Heart acted by Networks department expressed theirthanksgiving to the employees, the company and life; the song To Love Each Otheras A Family expressed the love of employees to our company this big family;modern drama Recruitment completely pushed the party to climax by its watery,passionate as well as graceful performance portable crusher plant, winning the bursts of resonate byaudience!
The visual gluttonous feast not only showed honesty youth style,showed the harmonious relations of all my colleagues, but also conveyed theyearning of all employees on the company’s future!
Humane management andharmonious relationship are important part of SBM Company; like every young company in a period of rapid development, SBM has great hope in front,though it is with twists and turns on the way into the future. SBM is thehome of the employees, everyone will not be alone with a common goal.

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