The application of silicon materials in China in the past two years is relatively numerous, for example in the automotive, power electronics, etc. The development of this material has promoted the development of mine production equipment, such as ultrafine mill, this equipment is mainly To achieve the grinding process for silicon to meet the production needs of various types of materials in various industries.

Silicon is a natural resource, which can be used in the production process of photovoltaic, construction and other industries through operations such as crushing, grinding, and sand making. This application process promotes the development of crushing, milling and other mining equipment. The equipment required in the milling stage is ultrafine mill. The production of silicon mainly depends on the mutual assistance of parts such as grinding roller rings. This production process needs to select different models according to the application industry. The grinding machine greatly promoted the development of the aircraft.

In the production line, instead of relying on a single device to complete the processing, a lot of equipment is needed to assist in the processing. The size of the silicon ore to be mined is large and needs to be broken before it can be added to the mill for grinding. Therefore, the entire production process needs to be equipped with There are many kinds of equipment, and the selection of its model needs to be based on actual production and investment conditions.

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