Calcium carbonate is an inorganic compound found in many substances on the earth, such as calcite, limestone, marble, and shells. In the promotion of industrialization, the machining equipment can directly produce Calcium Carbonate Plant products by crushing and grinding the materials, and promote the activity of the calcium carbonate market.
The three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding is widely used in the grinding of mineral products in the fields of metallurgy, building materials, chemicals and mining. The processing fineness can be adjusted freely between 300 mesh and 3000 mesh. It has become an important material ultra-fine powder processing equipment and other raw material deep processing machines, which is of great significance to the development of modern high-tech industry. It is a natural fit to process calcium carbonate powder products with three-ring medium-speed micro-powder.
The three-ring medium-speed micro-powder grinds the powder through layering, and then the material is crushed by the layer and then falls into the second layer and the third layer. The suction of the high-pressure centrifugal fan draws the outside air into the machine and passes through the third layer. The pulverized coarse powder is brought into the classifier. The material has a short residence time in the mill, which is easy to detect and control the particle size and chemical composition of the product, and the product quality is stable.
Among the raw materials for processing calcium carbonate powder products, the market is mainly limestone, calcite and marble, and its calcium carbonate content is high and resources are abundant. Therefore, the calcium carbonate powder industry itself has a low barrier to entry. As an important filler, China’s calcium carbonate production, use and export volume are among the best. The manufacture and automatic control technology of calcium carbonate tricyclic medium-speed micro-powder grinding has been among the world’s foremost, and has been unanimously recognized and praised by customers.
SBM is committed to the R&D and production of crushing and grinding technology for ore resources and has accumulated decades of production experience and customer resources. For the production of calcium carbonate three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding equipment, SBM is mainly concerned with advanced technology and technology in the development of low-carbon economy. It will fully integrate energy-saving emission reduction and recycling into the whole production process, and fully realize the calcium carbonate industry. Continue to develop.

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