Compression tights are worn on the lower half of the body and cover either the thighs as shorts or the whole leg as tights. adidas zx 700 Usually these lower-body compression garments are used by athletes that specifically train their legs in sport. For example, cyclists and long-distance runners would benefit from wearing compression tights because they are constantly training their legs and would thus improve recovery between training sessions. Some of the more popular brands of compression tights include Performax and Compressport. Australian company Performax makes leg compression garments that wick sweat away from the leg, making them more comfortable. SLS3 also offer compression socks that will benefit runners and cyclists alike by improving blood flow around the ankles and lower leg muscles. See the Resources section for links to each distributor’s website.

Compression Tops

Like tights, compression tops help enhance the performance of athletes who are constantly using their upper bodies. For example, rowing and weight-lifting athletes exert a lot of pressure onto their torsos and arms; having a compression top will help improve the performance of the upper body and aid recovery between sessions. adidas springblade Some of the best upper body garments are made by Nike who have developed a “Dri-FIT” material fabric that absorbs sweat and pushes it away from the skin. Nike compression tops are also hemmed with silicone tape to help keep the top securely in place. Other good brands that produce compression tops are 2XU and SKINS (see References).

Compression Body Suits

SKINS makes some of the best compression body suits by using modern and innovative technologies. By using multi-gradient fibers, a SKINS compression suit can enhance muscle recovery and performance by pumping even more oxygen to parts of the body. SKINS technology also means that more metabolic waste is expelled from your body and the build-up of lactic acid is eliminated. adidas neo A whole compression suit ensures that every limb of the body is being treated. They are commonly used by endurance athletes such as those who train for marathons, triathlons and Iron Man events. Other companies that produce whole body compression suits are British brand Under Armour and Nike.

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