Factory supply and widely used Agricultural walking tractor driven mini corn harvesterare used extensively in agricultural production, so why is this equipment popular with a wide range of users? What are the characteristics of this kind of equipment? Today, a professional agricultural equipment manufacturer, Aike, will tell you about it.
This kind of equipment is a special harvesting machine for harvesting horses, soybeans and other root crops. It can also combine peanuts, carrots, and onions.
The harvester is connected with the transmission shaft of the small four-wheel tractor. The eccentric block and the connecting rod on the main drive shaft drive the excavating shovel to reciprocate back and forth, and then the left end gear of the transmission shaft drives the shifting gear on the axle shaft and changes the transmission direction. The chain drives the main drive shaft of the split chain, and the eccentric block at both ends of the main drive shaft drives the vibrating screen up and down. Under the traction of the tractor, the potatoes excavated by the digging shovel are placed on the separate chain. Under the rotation of the separation chain, the soil falls under the separation chain, and the potato and the unfallen clods fall on the separation chain. On the vibrating screen, it is again cleaned and separated and placed on the ground behind the machine.

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