The dry mix mortar production line can be used in large and medium size dry-mix mortar manufacturing plants to produce masonry mortar, plastering mortar, rendering mortar, cement mortar, etc.

The dry mix mortar production line is composed of the systems of drying and screening of raw materials, mixing and dust-removing. It features magnificent appearance, good quality, high productivity and accurate mortar proportioning. The automatic dry mortar mixed production line uses a centralized control system, making the equipment easy to operate. The main system of this production line is as follows:

1. Bulk and packaging systems: The dry mortar equipment includes a shunt device which can separate bulk from packing. You can choose one according to the quantity and types of the production. Its measurement range is 0.5kg-100kg, and its measurement precision is 5/1000.The packed bag is beautiful, upright and plump.

2. Mixing System: Mixing system uses biaxial blades weightlessness mixer or single pear blade mixer. In the horizontal barrel of the biaxial blades weightlessness mixer, two mixer shaft reverse rotation at the same speed, the blades to ensure that the special arrangement of the material blade radial, circumferential, and axial movement to form a combined cycle; reach uniform mixing in a very short period of time, high precision, high speed, low energy consumption and can be sealed operation.

200,000T/Y Dry Mix Mortar Plant

3. Environmentally friendly dust catching system: The dust catching system of drying system adopts a gravity structure of dust bag, the powder dust particles can achieve zero emissions to recycling. Mixer cover, sand weight hopper, cement, fly ash weight hopper, powder additive weighting hopper, and the dust flue of balers are all connected with the dust collector, thereby reducing dust emissions, reduce dust pollution to the environment.

4. Drying system: Drum dryer units uses high efficiency, energy saving, environment-friendly three-tube structure. The device has a compact, small footprint, high efficiency characteristics, safe and convenient operation. Compared to single cylinder dryer machine with the same efficiency, it can improve about 50% thermal efficiency.

5. Screening System: We can supply high frequency screen according to customer’s real demand. The structural design of vibrating screen is reasonable, easy to change, be helpful for improving production efficiency.

6. Measuring System: We can supply a different number of sand, powder and additive measure scales according to customer requirement.

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