In the chemical plant, crushing grinding machine widely used in crushing and grinding raw materials and used to grind income products. Due to many of the crushing machine type and models, so they are in the repair process in common limited to broken parts and protection of components (repair process. In all of this kind of machine, these parts All is abradability gallery wipe and impact conditions of work.

Double roll crusher: the two roll surface are smooth; two roll surface are band saw; a roller surface is smooth, and on a roller Surface foot with door of the branch. For two roll surface are smooth double roll crusher, and the material is mainly by extrusion effect. The second is grinding effect and crushing. Is mainly used in crushing clay, coal , clinker and limestone, etc in fine broken.

The two roll surface are belt saw double roll crusher, and the material is mainly by splitting broken and tear effect and crushing. On to a roll surface smooth and another roll surface with convex branch of the double stick crusher, material squash, bending and grinding effect and crushing. They are mainly used to Crushing clay and coal.

Double roll crusher is the main advantages: simple structure, easy maintenance, low manufacturing cost. The main drawback is: the machine unit mass production capacity Low, covers an area of big, the roll surface grinding damage uneven, need often repair. In order to improve the roll crusher of crushing ratio, can use two crushing roller, put a pair of crushing roller device in the top of the other pair. So the above a pair of broken Broken roll used as a crusher, and below a pair is used as a secondary crusher.

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