With the production practice of accumulation, back sand making machine are also constantly upgrading. Counterattack type efficient system sand machine include rotary part, shield part and body part, a rotary part of the wheel core is provided with a plurality of non overlapping arrangement of the hammer frame, hammer is fixed on the hammer frame, the hammer head width is greater than the hammer frame and the wheel hub, a wheel core is composed of a plurality of a wheel hub body, fixed on the main shaft, rolling bearing bearing seat on the frame with the main shaft ends, protection plate is divided into several blocks fixed on the box body, protection from wear, and the formation of different types of impact crusher cavity. The box body is divided into two parts, connected by bolts, easy disassembly and maintenance.
Back style high sand making machine has the following advanced features:
1, based on the counter attack type sand making machine by adding a counterweight wheel, thus saving electric energy, increasing the kinetic energy. The production efficiency is greatly improved. The increase of the impact plate adjusting device, so that the regulation of discharging fineness is more convenient, without opening the shell, can adjust, designed two counter plate adjusting device, save the use of crane trouble.
2, in the back of the sand making machine bar adjusting device on both sides and increased discharge counter board, with multiple crushing material function, make the material grinding, in crushing cavity in extrusion, collision, with sand rate is higher, and with the shaping function, the sand particle type better and more uniform, more conveniently adjust the sand discharging granularity. Design is more humanized.
3, the old counter type sand making machine is provided with an observation only rear door. The new counter type sand making machine at its side opened door repair observation. This is more conducive to operation repair and observation equipment.

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