1.Inspect all clamping bars for corrosion and wear. Make sure bars are not warped or worn to the point that they cannot provide even SICOMA MPC mixer planetary, tight tension.

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2.Inspect all nuts and bolts. Replace all worn or damaged parts in the screen assembly. All hole positions on the clamping bars must be utilized.

3.Maintain the support deck. Remove channel rubber to inspect steel bars for wear, high and low spots, or bar breakage. Support area must be uniform to ensure an even and tight screen fit.

4.Change your channel rubber frequently. Remember that channel rubber will wear from the bottom up as well as from the top down. Check both sides. Never mix channel rubber sizes or styles such as Flat-Top and Round-Top on the same deck.

5.Check cushion and spread of material feed. Cushioning of feed to the screen deck is essential to long screen life. Use feed plates or stone boxes so that materials do not hit wire cloth directly. Material should be spread out to feed evenly over the entire screening surface for maximum screen life and production. This also reduces uneven wear as the vibrator is operating in a more balanced condition.

6.Inspect equipment for balance and excessive vibration. An unbalanced machine can cause premature wire cloth failure. Equipment with a violent, uneven vibrating motion will cause stresses in the screen mobile concrete mixing batch plant, and the cloth may actually break apart. Correct the unbalanced condition before continuing screening operation.

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