At present, one of the most advanced equipment for making sand is the V7 dry sand making equipment. What advanced technology is used for the V7 dry sand making machine? The V7 sand making machine and the traditional sand making equipment have What are the differences? Here we come to introduce you the most advanced dry sand making equipment V7 series.
V7 series dry sand making machine equipment is environment-friendly and energy-saving, and can provide cement sand, asphalt mixture and dry-mix mortar manufacturers with advanced technology, reliable performance, energy-saving and environmental-friendly machine-made sand. The V7 series dry sand making equipment is a closed environmental sand making system. The core machine of sand making machine and air filter as the core, and the closed-loop control system composed of vibrating feeder, blower, control panel, recovery filter, dust collector, humidifier and induced draft fan, automatically adjust fineness modulus and automatically control stone powder The content is the core technology. This series of sand making equipment is very environmentally friendly, 0 dust 0 pollution.
V7 series dry sand machine equipment technical analysis:
1. Gradation continuous: The particle size in the range of 0.6-0.15mm, which was difficult to produce in the past, has been greatly increased, and the gradation is perfect;
2. The fineness of the finished product is adjustable: According to the relationship between the fineness modulus and the energy consumption, the granularity of the product is adjusted so as to change the fineness modulus of the product. The variation range is ±0.06, and the stability is very good. ;
3, the shape of the particles is good: it has excellent round granularity, is a cube, can be comparable with the natural river sand;
4. The content of stone powder is controllable: the blower in the air screen is matched with the draft fan’s induced draft fan to adjust the air volume, and the recovered stone powder content can be adjusted through the suction blow effect of the induced draft fan and the blower;
5, environment-friendly: zero dust emission, low noise, no vibration design.

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