Adjust the size of the port of discharge, and also change the size of the nip angle. In real life, according to the requirements of discharge granularity to adjust the size of discharge port. Therefore, to ensure product granularity request, try to enlarge the port of discharge is reasonable. Pai mine mouth size can be adjusted by adjusting the block, in the regulation of discharge port size should pay attention to the broken relationship between the ratio and productivity.

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Within a certain range, increasing the number of revolutions of the eccentric shaft can increase production capacity jaw crusher, but also increases the weight of the ore crushing unit energy consumption. Speed ??too Portable Diesel Concrete Mixer, would have been crushed in the crushing chamber ore discharged too late, and produce clogging, but to make the production capacity reduced diesel concrete mixer for sale, power consumption increases, and therefore, there should be a jaw crusher optimum number of revolutions. Jaw crusher eccentric shaft, the connecting rod, movable jaw plate, lining the main shaft and wear parts, lubrication and replacement needs constant attention. Read the above explanation for the jaw crusher is usually the fault, so that we can know Mobile Hollow Brick Making Machine, after the jaw crusher in the event of problems can be done in accordance with these problems of elimination, found the cause.

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