Fiberglass high temperature wire protection loom is a type of sleeving that is fiberglass braided, jacketed or woven to provide extra resistance in high temp environments. The different materials can be resistant to heat temperatures up to 1200°F – 1400°F. The high temp wire loom protects from damage to sensitive wires, cables, or hoses housed inside the application. Our aluminized options create a thermal buffer for your high temp wire applications and our silicone jacketed option protects from constant extreme heat. Standard braided fiberglass offers protection for wire, cable, hoses, and now also spark plugs. Our wide variety of high temperature wire protection is ideal for applications that are constantly in high heat environments such as under-hood of vehicles, racecars, or emergency vehicles. Find the right high temp wire protection for your project or application today.
copper wire magnet for generator Tunisia
[Q] : How about your company’s annual production capacity?
Our Company’s annual production is about 8,000 tons.
[Q] : How large the scale of your company?
Our Company covers almost 100,000 square meters, including plant area of 80,000 square meters.

[Q] : What’s your company ‘s product scope?
we have many kinds of products ,such as enameled aluminum wire, enameled copper wire, paper covered magnet wire, fiber glass covered magnet wire and so on.
for cooling system copper enameled wire Spain
[Q] : What’s the temperature-resist grade of your enameled aluminum wire?
We produce the thermal class of enameled aluminum wire from 130 to 220 Centigrade.

[Q] : What is specifications of enameled aluminum wire your company can produce?
Gauge of enameled aluminum wire:Enameled round aluminum wire: 0.2mm-8.0mm Enameled flat aluminum wire: a: 1-10mm, b: 3-16mm

[Q] : Do your company have square enameled wire and what’s the diameter?
Yes,we have.The diameter of square enameled copper wire is a(b):0.4-7 mm,square enameled aluminum wire is a(b): 0.8-7.0mm

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